About Us

Ceres Mulch is a tree waste recycling center and producer of organic mulch and compost. Ceres Mulch offers a wide variety of locally produced organic mulch and garden mix:

  • Natural Hardwood Mulch
  • Blonde Hardwood Mulch
  • Dark Chocolate Mulch
  • Milk Chocolate Mulch
  • Ruby Red Mulch
  • Royal Gold Mulch
  • Western Red Cedar Mulch
  • Certified Playground Chips
  • Garden Mix (Screened Compost Soil)

At Ceres Mulch, we understand that local tree waste recycling is a crucial element for a sustainable future.

We partner with local tree companies, municipalities, and homeowners to recycle tree waste as well as used clean dirt and sod. Our decades of experience and unique facility allow us to reuse the tree waste and dirt, thus minimizing the impact upon the environment. Below is a comprehensive list of what items we accept for at our Brooklyn Park yard:

We accept the following TREE WASTE for disposal:

       Logs, Branches, Brush

We do NOT accept the following:

      Chips, Old Mulch, Leaves, Grass Clippings, Timbers, Rock, Concrete, Mixed Loads

Type of Vehicle                 Tipping Fee

Pickup Truck                         $50.00
One Ton                                $75.00
Single Axle Trailer                 $75.00
Double Axle Trailer               $110.00
12 Yard Dump Truck             $110.00
18 Yard Dump                       $150.00
End Dump                             $185.00
Clam Truck                            $185.00
Tandem Clam Truck              $300.00
Type of Material                       Price

Stumps                   $50.00/cubic yard
Pull Offs                                        $30
(Loads must be roped)  

Clean Topsoil                      Free
Sod Scraps                         Free
Business Hours:

April 1 – October 31             7am-5pm

November – March 31       8am-4:30pm

Open Saturdays, May-June   7am-Noon